The Legends Fast Build Kit Details

Quality control and time saving!

Building the composite structure of the Legend Aircraft airframe is the most labor intensive part of the project.  Using the latest technology, assembly-jigs and fixtures, our composite technicians can peform this task more efficiently and with the highest quality control…thus saving you time and money.

Saving you 2500 hours: Every Legend Aircraft requires a minimum of 1300 hours to produce the 800+/sq. ft. of composite parts required to complete a Legend airframe. An additional 1200 hours is required to then assemble these composite parts into finished components. The Legend Aircraft Fast Build Kit will save you the 2500 hours required for composite production & assembly and still meet the FAA 51% approved ‘Fast Build kit’ assembly.

Quality control

Our expert team of composite technicians ensure the process of assembling and bonding these critical components of each aircraft are met with exacting precison and attention to detail. This will ensure each aircraft is built with the highest standard of safety, quality, and performance.

1500 Hours

Our Fast Build Kit allows you to have your airframe on it’s wheels with flight controls in-place and engine installed within the first 750/hrs.  The remaining 750/hrs will allow you to complete and customize your Legend Aircraft before beginning Phase 1 of the test flight program.

Composite Airframe Items

  • Fuselage
  • Canopy frame
  • Engine cowling (top & bottom)
  • Belly pan (with scoop)
  • Wing
  • Flaps (L&R)
  • Aileron (L&R)
  • Tips (L&R)
  • Gear doors (5x)
  • Horizontal stab
  • Elevator (L&R)
  • Vertical stab
  • Rudder
Metal Part items

  • Engine mount
  • Landing gear & mounts
  • Actuators
  • Electro-Magnet uplocks
  • Rudder/brake pedals & brackets
  • Brakes (master cylinder, rotor & caliper)
  • Wheels
  • Canopy latch & brackets
  • Canopy hinge bracket
  • Throttle quadrant
  • Control stick & brackets (F&R)
  • Control push/pull tubes (L&R)
  • Bellcranks & mounting brackets (L&R)
  • Flap track with brackets & hinges (L&R)
  • Aileron brackets & hinges
  • Elevator brackets & hinges
  • Rudder brackets & hinges
Interior kit items

  • Windscreen
  • Canopy
  • Seat backs (F&R)
  • Seat bottoms (F&R)
  • Armrests (F&R, L&R)
  • Co-Pilot pod (canopy tube cover)
  • Floorboards (F&R)
  • Baggage bulkhead
  • Baggage floor

Legend Fast Build Kit Pricing

1x Legend – Fast Build Kit (FBK)

Save $50,000 when you order your complete Fast Build Kit.

Legend Aircraft is excited to offer the 1x Legend Fast Build Kit (FBK) as a complete package.

Kit Includes
Composite Airframe Kit
Interior Kit
Metal Parts Kit
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Legend Ready to Fly Pricing

1x Legend – Ready to Fly Program (RTF)

Save $100,000 when you order your complete RTF 1x Legend.

Save  $100,000 when you order your complete RTF 1x Legend
(registered with Phase 1 flight test flown off and delivered in primer)

Kit Includes
Fast Build Kit
Engine (Garrett)
Panel / Avionics / Wiring
Builder Assist
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