Legend Engines

Legend Aircraft has undergone exhaustive R&D in regards to selecting the most suitable engine for our aircraft. We offer all the critical Firewall Forward elements to ensure the correct fit and finish while ensuring reliable, safe performance.

New turboprop engines are also available from the manufacturer.  The Legend Aircraft also supports the option for a NEW piston powered engine. The ‘overhauled’ turbine engines supplied by Legend Aircraft are selected from our engine vendors with great scrutiny and confidence and come with a current inspection and/or fresh overhaul.

We know budget is a key factor in selecting the right engine for your Legend therefore we will support whatever engine is the right choice for you and your new Legend.


  • LSA – 6.2L/V8 supercharged
  • 556/hp & 551/tq
  • AutoFlight PSRU & Whirl-Wind prop

From $75,000


  • Viper – 8.3L/V10 supercharged
  • 712/hp & 633/tq
  • AutoFlight PSRU & Whirl-Wind prop

From $90,000

TurboProp – Pratt

  • PT6A
  • 550 to 750/shp
  • Hartzell prop

From $200,000

TurboProp – Garrett

  • TPE331
  • 600 to 1000/shp
  • Hartzell prop

From $250,000