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February 2018

SPECIAL OFFERS on ‘Fast Build’ Kits and ‘Ready to Fly’ Options

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Legend Aircraft is excited to offer introductory pricing that will save you $50,000 off our Fast Build Kit or $100,000 off our Ready to Fly Turbine Legend!

  • Legend Aircraft ‘Fast Build’ kit available for sale for $149,000
  • We can fully assemble this kit into a ‘Ready to Fly’ Turbine Legend for $449,000

We have 1 ‘Assembly slot’ scheduled with Innovative Wings beginning in Apr where we will convert this Fast Build kit into a Ready to Fly aircraft with a Walter engine with VR auto start, Avia prop and Dynon avionics package (10” screen up front & 7” screen in back) with fully integraded GPS / Comm / Txp, ADS-B (traffic and weather) and Auto Pilot.  The build schedule will require 1/yr to complete and the payment terms are 3x equal payments of $150K spread out over the assembly process.

Interested buyers are asked to contact  or call 604.657.7057