Legend Aircraft offers two (2) Turboprop engine options

By January 20, 2018News

Legend Aircraft is excited to provide two (2) different engines that can be installed into the Legend airframe.

  1. Pratt PT6A series
  2. Garrett TPE331 series: Several years ago, Innovative Wings was provided an opportunity to repower a Legend with a Garrett TPE331-10 making 1000/shp, completely transforming the aircraft into a serious performer, producing a 10k/ft ROC and cruise airspeeds in excess of 350/kts with 400/kts over the ground on a routine basis.  Innovative Wings has engineered and  designed this FWF engine package that can be installed in a new build, or can be retrofitted into an existing airframe.

Interested buyers are asked to contact gerry@legendaircraft.ca  or call 604.657.7057