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January 2018

The return of the Piston Legend!!!

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The prototype Legend aircraft (N-620L) was first powered with a GM V8 making 575/hp turning a 3/blade Hartzell Prop which first flew in 1996.  With a surplus of Czech turboprop engines becoming available in 1997, the Legend aircraft was later converted to turbine power by installing the Walter M601 and Avia V503 prop which first flew as the Turbine Legend in 1999.  Since that time, all Legends that have taken to the skies have been turbine powered.

Staying true to the original design, we are currently building a Legend with a GM LSA supercharged V8 engine and custom Whirl-Wind composite prop.  The LSA is the highest performance crate engine ever offered by GM Performance Parts, producing 556/hp and 551/ft lb of torque.  When ported and tuned by SAM Tech, the new Link ECU will control the direct port injection of each cylinder to optimize power and increase the HP to 750-800/hp, while keeping engine rpm restricted to 4500 for take off and 3500 continuous.  Cruise RPM is expected to be 3200-3400 burning 18/gph while producing 300/kts TAS.

Stay tuned for exciting developments as the Piston Legend returns to the air.

Legend Aircraft offers two (2) Turboprop engine options

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Legend Aircraft is excited to provide two (2) different engines that can be installed into the Legend airframe.

  1. Pratt PT6A series
  2. Garrett TPE331 series: Several years ago, Innovative Wings was provided an opportunity to repower a Legend with a Garrett TPE331-10 making 1000/shp, completely transforming the aircraft into a serious performer, producing a 10k/ft ROC and cruise airspeeds in excess of 350/kts with 400/kts over the ground on a routine basis.  Innovative Wings has engineered and  designed this FWF engine package that can be installed in a new build, or can be retrofitted into an existing airframe.

Interested buyers are asked to contact  or call 604.657.7057

Legend Aircraft under NEW ownership

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Effective January  4th, 2018:  We are pleased to announce that the assets (marketing & manufacturing rights, tooling and fixtures and all Intellectual Property relating to its design) of Legend Aircraft of Winnsboro LA has been sold to PM Sport Fliers located in Blaine WA.

  • The Legend Fast Build Kit: Legend Aircraft has contracted with Aaron Duncan at Tiger Composites of New Smyrna Beach FL to produce the newest composite parts needed to build the Legend airframe which will be available as a ‘Fast Build kit’.
  • The Legend Ready to Fly option: Legend Aircraft with Shane Daly at Innovative Wings of Calgary AB is now able to provide builder assist services including a fully assembled ‘Ready to Fly’ option. Also included is the options to select your choice of avionics package and firewall forward engine/prop package.

Contact us now for details!